The temples of Hampi

There are ancient temples everywhere in Hampi and its neighbourhood. The temples are not isolated structures for worship alone, but have ancilliary spaces and various out buildings that served different purposes, such as accomodation for travellers, stables, ponds and tanks, dancing halls etc. There is evidence of linear market stalls alongside large chariotways that leadContinue reading “The temples of Hampi”

Hampi- Dolmens and Cave paintings

Dolmens, considered to be megalithic tombs, abound the area of Hirebenakal, near Hampi. Dolmens were used to commemorate the dead and it is believed that ceremonies were also conducted around them. I had first learnt of Dolmens from the comics of Asterix ( I think it was Asterix and the Golden Sickle), and associated themContinue reading “Hampi- Dolmens and Cave paintings”

The Peninsula Tour – Badami, Aihole, Pattadakkal

After good roads through a national highway and three state highways, we have established basecamp at Badami. Aihole and Pattadakkal are neighbouring villages and the three days that we set aside to visit are more than adequate. Pattadakal and Badami are UNESCO Heritage Sites. Pattadakkal is beautifully situated along the banks of Malaprabha river. BuiltContinue reading “The Peninsula Tour – Badami, Aihole, Pattadakkal”

Vocational Education

Introduction On an average, India sees 12 Million people become job eligible each year. Most of these people, if they work, find jobs in the unorganised sector. A small number goes through Vocational Education programmes sponsored by the government or through private coaching centres. In the early days, vocational training covered technical professions such asContinue reading “Vocational Education”

The COVID Pandemic in India

By the time this post is published, a lot of action on the COVID pandemic will be underway. However, some things will not go away and we will need to take a hard look at each of the parameters that affected our response to the pandemic. If you recollect the events of December 26, 2004Continue reading “The COVID Pandemic in India”

What people need?

We often hear that people need food, shelter and clothing to survive. While a few of us are privileged to have this need met over generations, others may not be so lucky. The middle class in India has grown in the past 20 odd years, but there is a significant number that continue to struggleContinue reading “What people need?”