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The Peninsula Tour – Guruvayur

Guruvayur is my hometown or native place as we called it all those years ago. This is where my parents, brother and I came every year during the summer vacations and spent a good two months at the ancestral home. My Ammuma stayed there alone before we descended there for the holidays. We were joined…

The Peninsula Tour – Nelliyampathy

After a wonderful time in Palakkad, we headed to Nelliyampathy, deep in the forest with lots of tea estates in the surrounding areas. The drive from Palakkad took us through some beautiful paddy fields that seemed to extend to the horizon and up to the Pothundy Dam in Nenmara. A short walk up leads you…

Peninsula Tour- A Fort, A Mana and Paddy fields

 In the heart of Palakkad, lies a fort.   It is not known, as to when the fort was originally built. Hyder Ali found its location strategic and captured the fort in the 1700’s.  The fort, as it stands today, has been rebuilt by Hyder Ali. The well preserved monument is accessible through a walkway,…

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