The Peninsula Tour

In a few days, we are starting on what has acquired the title of “Peninsula Tour”. We are driving through 9 states and for most part, along the coast of the Indian Peninsula and taking the long way home. A really really long way home.

The trip is expected to cover about 10,000 km and we expect to complete it over a period of 4 months. The drive will cover 9 states, multiple terrains, wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments, beaches, temples, architecture and will also be about exploring food and cuisines.

D day is the 7th of January, 2023. There is a broad schedule in place; a lot of it is amorphous. We are excited, and our enthusiasm has been infectious. A whole lot of friends and family are joining us for various sectors. In effect, it is a hop on-hop off tour! Our vehicle being the ” tour bus” or part of the convoy.

Here’s how our plan started taking shape before we moved to a spreadsheet that now has a lot more detail.

We will try and chronicle this as well as we can.

First stop Badami!

Watch this space…………

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