Peninsula Tour – Kozhikode

The drive from Wayanad to Kozhikode starts with a set of 9 hair pin bends. The roads in Kerala are mostly two lane, but extremely good; however, the driving is crazy!

Kozhikode is a city that we have fond memories of. I have lots of relatives in Kozhikode and this trip gave me the opportunity to visit all of them. My parents lived here briefly.

Kozhikode is well known for its food scene. Between Jayant, Roopal and us, we ate at all the popular restaurants including, Paragon, Sagar, Rehmath and The Shaap. While the others kept up to their promise of great food, The Shaap was different in the way they presented the food. Our meals arrived in a clay plate, or Chettichor, and so did our dessert. Chettichor is a rice plate served with all the accompaniments served in one plate. One can get more helpings of the curries and rice. We looked around to find food being served after a short performance at other tables. Our cravings for good beef dishes were also satisfied in Kozhikode. To our surprise, the restaurants were full at lunch and dinner times, even during the week.

We had a proper sadhya, accompanied by fish and chicken, at my cousin Rajeev’s place. The home cooked meal was a welcome change after nearly a month on the road. Laxmi thoroughly enjoyed the curd rice our cousin Usha made to satisfy her need for comfort food! It was fun to meet all our relatives during this trip, many of whom we were meeting after several years.

Roopal and Jayant managed to visit a few temples in town. We visited the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary as well as the Sand Banks. The high tide prevented us from viewing all the Sand Banks, but the estuary was very beautiful. I have published a separate thread on Kadalundi that you may have read.

It’s been a great few days in Kozhikode and it’s now on to Nilambur to visit the teak forest and the beautiful train stations.

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